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Any suggestions on how to increase membership in the Association of Rehab nurses (ARN). The organization is national with local chapters. As we are in the midst of a nursing shortage, I feel that more nursed should be members of their organizations to have a greater voice in what happens with staffing, pay, and other issues. Anyone can join, you do not have to be a certified rehab nurse(CRRN). Also with pps coming in Octtober to acute rehab facilities we are going to need a bigger voice.


Lynn, RN

As a member of ARN for about 4 years now I can tell you that aside from the Published material I get in the mail I have not seen a benefit from being a member! When I ask others why they drop their membership after the first year I get the reply that they don't have time to read the articles and feel it is a waste of money! I have made contact with members of our "local" chapter to see if moving the meeting location is a possiblity and recieve no definite answer to that. Also, how about some info on things that have been changed in part do to ARN members...never hear anything like that esp if you dont get Rehab Nursing.

Hi Lynn,

I don't know about ARN, but I will talk about ANA (American Nurses Association). I am a district President and I have been Membership Chair. It seems that many nurses do not see the benefit. Everyone is looking to find something for themselves without giving anything. Perhaps during this crisis which I term an increase in demand for nurses, there will be nurses who will realize what it is the Professional organizations do for all nurses.

I will be watching this board to see if anyone comes up with new ideas, Nancy

I too have been a longstanding member of ARN-both nationally and locally and my experience on the whole is that you get out of it what you put into it. Those organizations that have the most influence and provide the most opportunities also include members with dedication, energy, vision and perserverence. Failure to move our local or national organizations forward is simply a failure of our group to be invested and proactive. Decisions are made by those who show up. Go on out there and get the changes you want!

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