Increase my knowledge in Geriatric Nursing with TECH?

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Hello everyone. I want to update my knowledge in Geriatric Nursing to improve as a professional and enjoy new career experiences. A colleague has told me about the qualifications at TECH in Geriatric Nursing, and their Master's in Geriatric Nursing has caught my attention. I would like to hear more opinions about this university to definitively decide to take the Master's program. Thank you very much.

It is a good university, with it you can expand your knowledge in nursing, the methodology adapts to our times

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TECH is identified as a Barbados based nursing school with Geriatric program per their website, it is 100% online school.  They are not listed as an accredited provider by the Barbados Accreditation Council as of April 30, 2023  nor are they listed as having CCNE accreditation


This program will allow you to obtain the title of advanced master's degree in Integrative Medicine for Nursing. Upon graduation you will receive a university diploma endorsed by Tech University of recognized international prestige.

If you are a US RN, this program will not meet licensure standard as nurse practitioner nor accreditation as ANCC Adult Gerontology Acute Care NP or  Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Certification


A: Eligibility criteria require candidates to hold a role/population specific master's, post-graduate certificate, or DNP from an institution** accredited by a national nursing accreditor (CCNE, ACEN or NLN CNEA).

Program appears to provide advanced specialized knowledge in Geriatrics providing a DIPLOMA.  Value of this diploma will vary by employer since not a certification recognized by US healthcare employers.   Since above glowing posts are from first time and not established allnurses members stating they attended program, best to  investigate program further with future career goals in mind.  Advanced knowledge is always useful to improve one's nursing care.

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