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I'm a third year nursing student doing a paper for nursing leadership and management.

The topic I have chosen is the effect the increase in the aging population has on geriatric nursing. I have interviewed a nurse manager from a long term care facility and she gave me several ideas. I'm wondering if other nurse have any thoughts. The other things related to the increase in aging population is with baby boomer getting older they will have different demand that the current elderly population. They will want showers daily and not setle for once a week as the current elderly popuation does. This is just one idea we came up with. The other is the aging gay and lesbian population. They will want access to long term care facilities, and have the right too. How does this affect geriatric nursing?

Any comments and thoughts on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Renee,

As I read your posting an incident that happened on the Alzheimer's unit I ran came to mind. My residents ranged from 51 (yes, that is a 5) to 96. My DON would come through on her morning rounds and turthe radio to an easy listening station, it had been on rock and roll. She was upset that the staff would do that. I told her to come over and talk so she could see for herself that it was my 51 year old resident who changed the station. She did not like the old music.

I think this makes those of us in LTC take a look what we are doing. The activities that are planned may be well and fine for someone 80, but what happens to those younger people. I now have a unit where the ages are from 82-105. For 2 months I had a 60 year old. He had no one to relate to. I think we need to look at what the baby boomers are going to want. I agree that this generation, of which I am one, will want showers everyday, hair washed everyday, a more selective menu, private rooms, and expect better service from the staff. Whether we want to accept it or not the next generation of nursing home residents are going to be a lot more demanding than the current ones. If you want proof, look at what they expect for their parent. I find my time is spent placating the family member over some perceived wrong, that the resident was not even aware of.

Good luck with your research, I have one suggestion, you may want to whittle it down because it appears to be a pretty overwhelming topic. NA smile.gif

An aging population will definitely add a tremendous stress on our health care system...already , we have long wait list and as people age, they suffer more health conditions and cognitive decline which puts them at great risk... the caregiver is also elderly and family support is non-existent as they now live away from home and have their own commitment with work and family... we are suffering a nursing shortage and placement shortage...home care services trying to maintain frail elderly in their home are overstretched and services are been reduced...I could go on and on but the future is bleak...we end up with many elderly living at risk in their own home...we need more facility and supportive type of housing where basic needs can be met such as meals, personal care etc. the government is not moving with the trend and I am afraid that by the time we become elderly, services will even be less whether or not we expect more. As suggested, I would limit your paper to a specific aspect of aging as there is so much to discuss and evaluate. Good luck! Nightstar smile.gif

I have to agree with Nightstar. The trend seems to be similar in Australia. Quite a high percentage of acute care beds seem to be taken up by general nursing care patients.

To me this does not seem fair on the patients concerned as they do not get the interaction they would normally get in a geriatric care facility, because in an acute care setting you concentrate on those who require more frequent observation.

My thought is too that the system is relying on ppls relatives to care for them. We are considered to be a young population here. But like everywhere else things are changing and the population is growing and aging. So I hope the powers that be wake up.

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