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Incident in the US embassy, Manila

I am starting a new thread hoping to shed light to Rossario's case when she was "interviewed" in the US embassy. I hope her case can have more response her instead in the "best news... thread. Here's rossario's post.

"Hello Dale, Suzanne!

My interview at the Manila US Embassy was cancelled by a filipino staff of the embassy, he said that my papers is for "recall to INS where it was filed" I was not given a chance to show my documents eg. visascreen, offer of employment etc, I was not also interviewed by the consul, they just took my letter of appointment and advised me that they will just inform me of another appoinment date. Do you know what's wrong with my papers, NVC said that I am documentarily qualified, do you know any possible reasons for this, I am so frustrated. "

Here's the continuation of rossario's post

"I've never met that staff before, after I gave my appointment letter to the receptionist she told me to wait and my name will be called to counter X or Y, there's no incident that I treated them badly. I talked to one of the agencies here and it also happened to one of their nurses last monday interview, same situation, they said that there's a mistake on INS part to insert or include any document, and the embassy don't want to admit such mistakes because INS is a big known US agency. Is this probably true? "

This is so unfair if they did this to you without any valid reason. You mentioned something about INS commiting a mistake, I dont know what kind of mistake can cause this. The staff in the embassy who told you that your case is being recalled, I was just really wondering why he used INS instead of USCIS which is it's new name, if he is really from the embassy he should know this first hand. And for you not being given a chance to have your interview?? This is what really amazes me... usually they will tell you the reason why, lackin of documents perhaps...but this is unthinkable.

Can anyone on this forum share their knowledge or opinion about this, this is no joke and very scary. I just can feel the agony, just imagine after the long wait and supposedly your interview, then you will fall flat on your face with this incident. I am really sorry to hear this and I hope someone can shed light on you case.

As I mentioned in a repsonse in the other post, check first with your agency. There have been some issues lately with some of the agencies in the Philippines getting their nurses cancelled because of issues that the agency was having. I have not heard of anyone being cancelled at this late date, but it could happen.

hi there!

The same thing happened to me last August 15, 2005. Well actually, there was 2 of us (same employer and recruitment agency).

We were supposed to be interviewed on the date but were advised by a lady at the counter X in the immigration section that they cannot process our papers because Vermont is requesting them back for reviews. She did not specifically tell us the reason but said something like: having to do with our employer, vague reasons like lacking documents etc.,

I waited since 4am at the gate only to be told this. It was very devastating! Right now, there's still no clear reason for this. Our agency and lawyer did not know of it until we called them up!

I just hope things will clear up and shed light on what ever happened.

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