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In the words of Tom Jones “I’ve lost that loving feeling, whoa that loving feeling


I have been a nurse for 10 years, always in LTC, I feel like it what I was meant to do. I have been at current facility for 7 years. I thought I found the golden ticket when I found this job. Staffing is wonderful, beautiful facility, our voices were heard, wonderful pay and benefits. I thought I hit it big time! Fast forward to six years later under new management… And it sucks! Our voices are no longer heard, the nurse aides do whatever the hell they want with no repercussions. They will get up in their nurses face and tell them how it’s going to be, the nurse writes them up, and nothing ever becomes if it. Director of nursing is a spineless jellyfish, ADON is a backstabbing witch. I try to make the nurse aids do their jobs and they don’t do it because they know nothing is going to happen to them anyways. I have developed two autoimmune disorders and an ulcer, and it’s all related to stress. I know it’s time to go but I’m 56 years old and don’t know which way to go if I left. I just want my residents taken care of appropriately with compassion and dignity. If that too much to ask? My heart hurts because I have to leave this job, where I once thought I had found my forever home.