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Hello everyone,

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I want to know from PACU nurses the type of in-services classes you have in your facility? What are the topics that you think need to be included in an inservice series for PACU nurses?

If you are a PACU educator, what are the topics/contents you have in your classes?

Any information is highly appreciated.



Malignant hyperthermia, mock codes, EKG rythms etc

We unfortunately have nothing. They put anyone in the PACU to work. Very scary.

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Here's an interesting one for you; the company I work for consists of a group of 3 hospitals, all located in the same city. My PACU colleagues and I are the most experienced in the entire group. I am the only RN out of all of them who is certified in Anaesthetic and Recovery Room practice. The company trains student nurses, a portion of which training is supposed to be in PACU. Guess what? They go to our sister hospital for their PACU stint, where it's unlikely they actually learn anything.

I would suggest the most important subjects would be neuro-muscular blockers, length of action and reversal, opioids and optimum dosage, side-effects of common anaesthetic drugs, airway maintenance and PLENTY of practice with ventilating apnoeic patients. Correct insertion of laryngeal masks, and, in my personal opinion, regular practice at intubation. Malignant hyperthermia and treatment thereof is vitally important, but it's something that is more likely to manifest intra-operatively. Then again, I've seen spasm of the masseter muscle frequently post-operatively, but it doesn't necessarily mean Malignant Hyperthermia.

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