In need of some advice.


I am graduating LPN school this March. I currently work for Hospice and they told me they cannot hire me full time as an LPN when I am done with school. My hospice comapny is sister companies with Manor Care which is a nursing home. I'm thinking about transferring back to manor care when I'm done and just working as a GPN to get some practice and experience until I get lisenced. Then I'd need to look for something else because they only have 2nd shift available. Is that a good idea or should I just stay as an aide with hospice until I take boards? Is any nursing experience better than none when it comes to getting an LPN job? It doesn't seem like anyone is hiring Full Time LPNs right now which is really discouraging. Maybe I'll just stay a full time day shift hospice aide until I find something I want.


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Hello, Brookenicole!

Congratulations on graduating! What an achievement!

My suggestion: Work as GPN for practice and experience. You have worked very hard to get here, and there is no reason to be a CNA when you are a GPN.

Let's see what other posters say. :specs: