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For those who have done a fair share of traveling, I would like to ask are there specialties (ER ICU) that would make me more valuable/in demand?

I know that there is nothing wrong with being a "floor" nurse, I just wanted to start in the right direction and get the proper training under my belt before I start traveling.

Also, I noticed on a website they posted some hourly wages for their assignments. Something didn't seem right, what I read was that they had a position that was paying $40 an hour. Now in addition, it listed what the job would pay for overtime. It listed the overtime wage at $43.33.

Now, where I come from, overtime is paid at time-and-one-half. How do they get this as the overtime wage?



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I think the "in demand speciality" waxes and wanes. Lately, I have seen a lot of postings for PICU/NICU experience. I have never had a problem finding an assignment in ICU. I have a few friends who do OR and ER and they have not had any difficulties finding an assigment either. Just pick what you like.

As to the travel company posting an overtime rate of $43.33/hr: they figured that to be your hourly wage for ALL 48 hours (since this company probably has a 48 hour guarantee).

Pay rate: $40/hr x 48 hours = $1920, then $20/hr x 8 hours = $160. Total = $2080. Divide that by 48 hours = $43.33/hr.