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Hi fellow Nurses!

I moved from NY to Vancouver, B.C. and am preparing to take the 2 part NCAS exam, the Computer Based Assessment and Simulation Lab Assessment.

Has anyone here ever taken this exam before and have any information as to best ways to prepare for these exams or where to study from? I'm studying for it as if I'm taking my NCLEX again. I'm reviewing the Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment book as well as the Saunders review book. At this point, I have no sense of direction as to where to begin and end and was wondering if anyone could offer any advice as to what to expect?

Also, does anyone know how soon you will receive your results after taking these exams? Did anyone end up having to take extra courses in order to obtain your BC RN license?

Any word of advice would be very helpful! It seems this exam is fairly new as I cannot find any information on it which makes it difficult for me to know how to prepare in a short amount of time.

Thanks in advance :)

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There are two posters akaur212 and parasol who are currently studying for it, parasol asked for resources in the thread 'NNAS experience' see posts #263-265 for suggestions (use the search tool in the top right hand corner to find the thread)


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Thank you so much for the info...I will definitely check that out! 😊


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HI 4Paws105 HAVE YOU FOUND ANYTHING ABOUT ncas ?Have you taken that already ?


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How was the first part of the exam?


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can anyone help me with CBA preparation for NCAS prepration .


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If anyone needs in NCAS preparation in Vancouver , feel free to contact me at 6046133452

or at .


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hi can someone help me with my ncas preparation for LPN 

Hi there, has anyone taken the NCAS assessment in BC for LPN before? Would appreciate some help in preparation. Thank you.

Hello. I am in Ghana. Preparing  for NCAS. Can anyone help me out with studying materials for SLA and CBA? I will be grateful. Thank you