In ADN school and thinking about joining the reserves after graduating

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Originally Posted by bluemorningglory viewpost.gif

DO not go in as will be sorry you did:(

Are you basing this off of personal experience?

Yes and no. My ex dh had a college degree and enlisted (long story there but a direct commission was not in the cards). I was married to him for eight years of that enlistment and I base my opinion on what I saw with him, his peers, my friends and their DHs,etc.

This is jmho but I believe that the officer side is a lot nicer(My sister is an officer and I have been her guest on post). While many of our enlisted troops do have formal educations, the majority of them do not. Although we don't like to admit it in our PC society, there is a difference between educated folks and non-educated folks. And there is definitely a difference in the way enlisted/officers are treated.

My ex had a very hard time relating to his peers. He was more educated and more worldly. I am not saying that he was a better person..he was just at a different place in his life. College degrees come in as an E4 and most E4s are 19 and hanging out at the club.

As a spouse, I felt overlooked and out of the loop. O wives get all sorts of networking opps, invitations to coffees,etc. And while it did not happen all of the time, there were times when I know for a fact o wives were treated better than e wives. If I were married, I would do everything in my power to make sure that my spouse was as comfortable as possible.

I saw my enlisted ex work his tail off. Sadly, I often saw him performing menial duties(cleaning an office, emptying trash,painting a room). But that is "enlisted". It is the way of the military. Some people are happy with that and just move through the ranks until they hit E5(NCO) and get a little clout. Others go Green to Gold.And still others get out entirely.

Personally, if I had a degree of any kind (ADN RN or BSN), I would want more. I would want the rank and the privileges that go with it. But that's me. I know some awesome and competent soldiers who are happy on the enlisted side....Anyway, that is my longwinded response. Sorry:)



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you instructor is right go air force im in the army now and i plan to go air force once i graduate

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