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First, I must say that I really enjoy this forum and the info has been invaluable...

I have decided to apply to CRNA programs and am currently taking the necessary steps to obtain that goal. I have >5 years overall nursing experience of which 1 1/2 of high acuity ICU (ending 3 years ago), the remainder mostly ER (Level 1). I am currently transferring from the ER to the Trauma ICU to gain more ICU experience, am taking a GRE prep course with plans to take GRE test in early Dec, plan on obtaining my CCRN to add the other usual credentials (ACLS, PALS, TNCC, etc) and plan on taking some science courses next semester to improve my overall gpa.

This my problem: BSN was my 2nd degree (gpa~3.3in '98) with the 1st being a BA Psychololgy 10 years ago (gpa 2.7) with lots and lots of science classes at a univ that was cut throat for pre med (what was I thinking :-) My early science grades poor, mostly C's, C- and I obviously need to retake sciences and do well, but.... what to take????? I need to register and was thinking of Organic ChemI and biochemistry ( though the Orgo II was what I got a D in) The other option was maybe to take Orgo I with either physics or a stats class (I did have stats before but it's been 12 years and I never had physics) I plan on taking 2 classes next semester and perhaps 1-2 during the summer with plans of applying to schools next summer/fall for entry in 2005 (seems so far away!!!).

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

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