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First off, I myself think I am being impatient . I graduated in July 2010 as an LPN. I really want to work in a hospital setting but no one is willing to hire a new nurse apparently. I have put in an application and got the job at a nursing home but the orientation has been pushed back twice!!! I work now as an NA at a company that does not hire LPN's and does not pay enough so I'm ready to go. Nevertheless, I finally got hired on this new job beginning of Sept. and have yet to start! What should I do ? Is this a sign of impending doom in my new profession,LOL! I am so READY to ready to start my career, I'm supposed to start next week:yeah:

Why has orientation been pushed back? That's a little odd in and of itself. Have they given you a real reason?

Specializes in Geriatrics.

The first time was because it was a short week due to it being labor day weekend, the next has been because this week he has to go to Williamsburg. Sooo, next week I'm SUPPOSED to start on tuesday. Today I'm just going to put in more applications just in case things don't work out.

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