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Immunization records

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do all the nursing programs in georgia require you to have a copy of your immunization records? i saw one school that required you to have them but i can't find mine. since i am in my 30's i would probably have to dig around to find my shot records or see if my mother has them put up somewhere. but i am concerned that i will have a hard time finding them and won't be able to get into nursing school without them.

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Try the High School you attended. I got mine from my high school.

If you can't get your records, they can always draw titers to see if you have the antibodies needed for immunity.

Yes GA Perimeter College requires them. I had mine but had not taken all the shots so the lady told me I had to go take my shots, like 2 more shots I need. Well as a grown woman, I just didn't feel like it at the time especially since I was not sure if I really wanted to attend that college or not so I never went for my shots thus never finished enrollment with them.


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You can try your local health department. They usually have access to your immunization records.


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I just updated what was needed since I couldn't find my records anywhere. Or you could get titers done.

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