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the thread i have read on hep c really sounds scary.

i wonder if they tests hep b in the immigration when you are given green card(medical exam.). i have pending application in america...will i pass it if i am hep b?

what about med. tests in nursing homes and hospitals ...are you required all the time to have it before starting work? what happens after undergoing all the procedures of hiring and passing were found to have hep b...will they not allow you to work? what will happen to us?

i am calling the attention of those with hep b...please share your experiences.

how come they have excuses and special laws for aids patients with regards to work conditions...why not have one with people like us affected with hep b? life i think is not fair.....they have to give us a chance. how could law and the government protect us? we sure need to work and earn money...if we will not be accepted in the profession we have chosen where elase can we go? is this what we deserve after caring selflessly to the sick...i need answers! why couldn't we be treated like anyone else.....i am sure we are also god's children.

where could we find there any cure for this? how come hep patients are being treated...why not us also? are we doomed?

please lift our spirits.....


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