I'm in torment over my nclex results!


HI all! I need help from fellow MD nurses. I graduated from a school in southern PA, consequently ALL my friends took their boards in PA but I took mine in MD cuz that's where I live and want to practice. I took my boards yesterday and immediately went home and did the 'pearson trick' which looks for all intent and purposes that I passed. I went on the MD board of Nursing and looked up a licensee and my name came up but says status pending. However, I need more peace of mind before everything shuts down for the weekend so.... If anyone can help please please do so. :eek:


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Be patient until the official results are completely official! You seem to be stressing over nothing at this point. Now, if the official results come back as a fail, that would be something to get upset about. But don't think that will be your problem.