I'm taking the HESI Entrance Exam on Friday and I'm so scared


So, like the title says, it's coming up real soon.

I don't think I'm worried about vocab, grammar, reading, and math. I'm pretty okay with those.

But the science portions are what I'm really nervous about, especially A&P.

I took Bio twice in college (dropped out the second time) and took Chemistry at CC because I didn't want to fail it at my University.

Unfortunately, I've never taken an A&P class before so I'm relying on the book to save me.

The school I'm going (chamberlain) doesn't require that I take physics, so that's a plus.

Do you guys have any tips for me? I'm super nervous about this exam and I feel sick to my stomach thinking about it.

I usually have test anxiety but this is really bad, so anything advice would help.

Thank you so much!

Just took my HESI exam today! I only had to take A&P as far as science...

Much more detail than the book. I think the Evolve Admissions Assessment book is perfect for reading comp, grammar, and math (these were the other topics I had to take), but the A&P section was not nearly enough.

I studied A&P the most and used the following resourcesL

-Evolve Admissions Assessment 4th edition for a brief review and a little quiz at the end

-plus the 2 small exams it comes with online

-Pocket Prep HESI A2 app (THIS WAS AMAZING! I think it was like $14 to purchase, but theres over 100 questions on every topic)

-The slides on this website: Anatomy & Physiology

Hope this helps! Good luck!

I second the Pocket Prep app, totally worth the price. I practiced with it (mostly A&P) and it really helped me a lot. The non-science sections are pretty much exactly like the book. If you can do them in there, you should be fine on the test. I took mine the end of last summer, and made a 94 overall using just the Evolve book and Pocket Prep. Good luck to you!


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How did you do? Hope you passed it!! If not, let me know and I can give you some tips on how to study for the a&p section.

I passed with an 87! Surprisingly enough I got an 80 on the A&P section.