I'm about to take an exam in a few week's time...

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And I have to ace it, like really ace it...as in getting in the 90's. What are some test-taking skills and secrets do you have for getting high marks or just general test-taking secrets.


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Just be prepared. I needed to have a 70 on my pharm final to pass (I know, not too much but I get test anxiety). I did everything I could to make sure I knew the material. I studied alone and in groups. I did flash cards and online quizzes. I wasn't going to go in there being any less than prepared. I also stop before every test and pray and do deep breathing. It calms me so I don't make stupid mistakes. Take your time and read the questions and each answer before assuming you know the answer. I was able to score a 91 on my pharm final (best score in that class all semester!) and I know it was because I didn't give myself an out. I didn't want to think "if only I had studied that way" if I didn't get my grade. Good luck!

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Take your time. Read each question carefully. Remember Maslow, ABCS, and ADPIE; these will help significantly if you are debating between 2 "right" answers. Good luck :)

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