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I'm a student nurse, but have a question!


Hi everyone! I have posted on here once before. I want to first tell you guys that your postings have really helped me out. I was debating on becoming a nurse, and at times I still worry if this is for me, but I have a really good feeling it is. I am 23, so it's not that I just jumped into it either.

Anyways, my question will be dumb to you, but hey, I am a student, and the only classes I have had that even pertain to medical right now is the clinical math:rotfl:

Universal Precautions - What exactly does it pertain to? I looked it up, and from my understanding it had to do with blood (pathogens and hiv, etc.) am I write about it?

Explanations would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!


Universal precations basically boils down to you treat all pts or blood products, etc the same. Meaning ... when handling blood products or body fluids of any kind you treat it as if it were contaminated, because you never really know. For example, always wear gloves, handwashing, etc. Thats basically all it means.

Thank you!

I seen this really cute shirt, and it was written by a nursing student....

I may not have slept in seventeen days, but atleast I know Universal Precautions.

And I thought that Universal precautions had to do with the blood, etc.,

I just didn't want to wear this shirt and have someone ask me and be like, I don't know:rotfl:



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