I'm still nervous!

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


Here's the point system for my community colleges RN program:

Prerequisite GPA-up to 40 points

Completion of AnP series-5 points

Prior degree-1 point

Completion of all prerequisites(45 credits)-5 points

Proof of current medical certificate or license-5 points

Proof of 500 documented hours working in the healthcare field-5 points

Microbiology and genetics completed by application-4 points

Discretionary points for completing all prerequisites-5 points

Proctored essay-up to 30 points

The points are set up in such a way that all other things equal, a person with a 3.6 and healthcare experience actually has a better chance of getting in than a person with a 4.0.

I know a girl who had a 3.7, no HC experience, who didn't get in, and a girl with a 3.3 with HC experience who did.

I also know a girl with a 3.3 and no experience who was shocked she didn't get in...but that's a different story.

Basically though I have a 4.0, an active CNA license, and I work as a scribe in the ER. I might not have 500 hours by the time I need to apply but I'll have every other point.

Exceeeeept for the proctored essay. It's an essay that has nothing to do with healthcare or nursing. The topics are usually based on ethics and other stuff like that and the premise is to see if we have the capability of writing an essay in an hour and being able to follow a prompt correctly.

the problem is they WONT release your essay points. They won't tell you what you can improve upon in your application. For this reason a lot of people think they really just pick students they want in the program because those 30 points actually can make or break you. I'm trying not to drink the kool aid but I am nervous that even with a practically perfect app I still won't get in!


I can tell that you're nervous and that nursing school is something you care a lot about.

This is one of my life mottos: there are things in life that are in your control and things in your life that are out of your control. You have to accept the unpredictability of the 'out of control' things and do your best to organize everything that is in your control.

In your situation, there's a lot in your control! You have a 4.0 which is a great GPA. You have a CNA license and work in healthcare.

What you feel most worried about is the proctored essay. In order to feel more confident you need to practice writing! Find some essay topics online and give yourself an hour to write them. Then find someone to edit them with you. There's lots of writing tips and essay tips online. No matter what the subject is, you CAN write a good essay if you have prepared well. If writing isn't your strong suit you need to reach out for help.

You seem like a great applicant for nursing school! Try your hardest to get in and don't give up. Whatever happens, everything will be okay and there's always another opportunity to apply.

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