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I'm shy and need some tips

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I currently in my 6th month of school and my clinicals are getting more involved and I'm also no longer paired up with another student. I'm so SHY:banghead:, I have a really hard time talking to patients. I know I act strange and my conversation seems forced. I love taking care of people, but this shy thing isn't going away. I just got a job as a CNA :yeah:I'm afraid I will be horrible because I can't talk to patients. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions that would make me more at ease. Did I pick the wrong career? I love helping people, it's just so hard to talk to them. Any advice would be appreciated!!!! Thank you so much!

DebanamRN, MSN, RN

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You didn't pick the wrong career, but you need to develop the skill of talking to people. You're still pretty young, so give yourself a break. You will become more comfortable as you work with your pts in your CNA job. A class in public speaking may prove benificial.

Talk to the patients at work. You will find that your skills improve, and you will learn all kinds of interesting things (old folks have the best stories). Later, when talking to other patients at clinical, you will find yourself more comfortable. Simple questions work well - what did/do you do for a living, do you have any kids, how many grandkids do you have. Keep it basic until you feel more comfortable. I was very shy and had zero social skills when I was young. Now, I probably talk to much!


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