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Am I just stupid or what? I work through an agency, and until the last few months things had been steady and I always had a stable income. But lately work has been more scarce and I am used to living on a string with irregular hours. I decided to go back to school for RN for a fresh start and more career opportunities than I have as an LPN.

I have been so narrow-minded moving toward my educational goal that I just said no to a position that could be a dream job. I have extensive experience with the developmentally disabled and love that field, but it is hard to break into.

Apparantly there is a student at my children's school who has very intensive physical needs and they are looking for an LPN to work one-on-one with her during school hours. It is a contract that would last the entire school year. I should have jumped all over that, but I was too busy thinking it interfered with my educational plans. But I would be working at the same school my kids go to during the same hours they are there, and I believe for competitive pay! You can't beat that in terms of child care arrangements and good hours, and it would be much easier than some other work I have done.

I'm going to go in first thing in the morning and see if it is too late to change my mind. I hope they haven't given the position to someone else. Of course, it's also possible that the family's needs will change and they will back out of this arrangement. I will have to wait to find out. :(

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good luck! It does sound like a good job. Don't beat yourself up for not taking it in the first place and if it doesn't work out when you check it out in the morning....remember that everything happens for a reason!

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Good luck. It never hurts to let them know you are still interested and maybe they either didn't find someone else or that person might not work out and they will call you! :plsebeg:

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Well you can still work there as a part time job and going to school at the same time right? Please don't give up on your educational goal. If you think about it in a long run, you will have even more job opportunities as a RN in the future. Good luck with everything :)

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Well, I went back in to talk about it with them this morning and the position has already been filled. However, maybe my first misgivings were right on. This child apparantly has been withdrawn from school in the past, so the job isn't certain to last the entire school year. I also know from experience that children with similar medical conditions can sometimes become very sick very quickly, and have been known to miss extended periods of school because they simply aren't well enough.

It may not be wise for me to suddenly decide to put off my own education in favor of a job that is entirely dependent on the health of *one* person. This may not have been a "dream" job after all.

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I'm proud of you for going straight back to the source to clarify your questions. That shows strength.

In the future, when you receive an offer, regardless of how good or bad it initially seems, ask for a day or two to consider. Then you will have a chance to think thru the pros and cons, as well as clarify questions with the employer.

Best of luck to you!


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I hope you find something good that will allow you to balance work and school!

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