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Hi, you must get tons of threads like this one. I've been a float nurse for many years but never oncology. My otherwise healthy SIL's sister, (50 years old) was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma. I don't know the details, she is getting chemotherapy but I have no idea what kind. I just wonder if the prognosis is as poor as my limited Internet reading indicates?


Hats off to you wonderful oncology nurses!!!!!!


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I am sorry to hear about the diagnosis, it is always hard to handle when someone close to you is ill. It is hard to tell you how the prognosis is without more information, but I can try to give you my opinion. This cholangiocarcinoma, as with most types of cancer, depends on how soon it was found..where they able to operate and remove the tumor? If they were able to remove the tumor, odds are decent that she will survive past this, at least for now. However, if the cancer has begun to spread, or if they are unable to remove it all, the odds decrease. One thing I feel I should prepare you for, is that even if her treatment is successful, with any cancer treatment, there is always a chance for relapse, and there is always a chance for a new type of cancer developing; often times the very treatment we use for one type of cancer can cause another type later in life, so my advice from one professional to another, is to be prepared. I wish for the best for you and your family.


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Hi, thanks for you reply. I know they did surgery but don't know the details of what they found, I had the feeling it was not a specific mass or tumor, but a more pervasive, wide spread type of cancer that couldn't really be removed.


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Has there been any progress or updates since the surgery? I hope everything is going okay...


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So sorry to hear about this diagnosis, I will give you my best information based on the time I have been in oncology. Yes, this type of cancer is more of a widespread type, kind of like leukemia and lymphomas which are more systemic rather than localized to one area. The only thing I can tell you is that this type of cancer is one of the more rare types which means less research and chemotherapeutic agents at this point.