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I'm a new grad, recently just passed the boards, need info about interviews, or wat..

Hi...im a new grad and just recently passed the LVN boards...I'm a little bit anxious to start working but at the same time sooo nervous... I've been hearing alot of advices from schoolmates, friends who are nurses and even relatives..But my question is... I dont know why I can't just ask my nursing friends/relatives...but wat exactly goes on in an interview for nurses??... especially im a new grad...my only work experience is the clinical experience during my VN school days...

My situation is this...i want to work as an LVN but at the same goin into my RN school...alot of my friends have told me it's better to work at a hospital than SNF/ convalescent/rehab because of the work load and plus hospitals are more flexible with employees still going to school for higher education...and the tuition reimburse.

Wat are some of the expectations during an interview for a new grad?! I mean, wat kind of questions do they ask?! and is it ok to call Human Resources about their incentives (even salary info's) before actually applying to their facility?! their websites are tooo broad for informations...i'm just not sure if it's ethical to ask or the only way to know if i actually apply and get interviewed and IF offered the job, thats when I start asking?! But I'd like to know now before I send in my resume and application... I know im a new grad and I shouldn't be tooo picky...but It's only fair to say that...it'll take alot of load off my mind...knowing the info's before I get myself into something I might regret later...( meaning working at a facility that doesn't have much to offer...no offense!)

Anyone who can help me...please..share your ideas/opinions.... thanks in advance! :)

Congratulations on your recent graduation! I know how you feel, as I was there once, too. First of all, it has been my experience that nursing interviews have some of the typical questions that you get in all interviews such as,"Tell me about yourself," or "What are your strengths & weaknesses?" or "Why should we hire you?" But also be prepared for a few case scenarios to check how you would handle a patient care situation. There are plenty of websites with interview help if you need to review these types of questions.

As for the job info/wage stuff...I've always been told never to ask until the end of an interview (but they should disclose that info to you anyway). You don't want to appear as if money is the motivating factor, but of course it is a part of the equation. Many hospitals have websites with job postings that include the starting pay. You can also sometimes go to the hospital itself, and the human resources people could direct you to the job postings, so you could look at them in person before the interview to get an idea of pay/shifts/units available. I would be asking about how much orientation I would get as a new grad as well (that would be to ask at the interview). Think of some questions that you have for the hospital as well (or LTC if you go that route).

I would recommend that you follow your heart. If you want to work in LTC, then go for it. If you want to try out the hospital, then it is a great place to see many specialties. One thing nice about hospital work is that you do get to float to other units and see if they are more your cup of tea. It is hard to know sometimes in the beginning when you are a new grad. :)

Well, sounds like you are all set for a new job & plenty of adventures ahead of you! Good luck! :balloons:

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