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I'm a 2nd year nursing student highly considering medicine. Will I be frowned upon?

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Hi all,

I've been in nursing school for 2/4 years now, but I'm really leaning towards going to medical school. The main reasoning for this is because I want to gain the wider scientific knowledge base that medical professionals experience, and between medical models and the nursing models I learn about in class, I think I'm more suited towards medicine. I'm taking the MCAT this summer.

The thing is, I've decided to stay in my program. Why? Going into university, I didn't think that medicine was for me because a) I didn't see myself being passionate about the various sciences to stay in school for that long, and b) the whole application process was really intimidating. I thought nursing would be the easier route (I was horribly wrong haha), and I *am* happy to be a nursing student. Based on clinicals, there were so many skills that I never knew I wasn't good at, and I've learned so much that I would never be able to obtain from a textbook. On the long term, however, I see myself pursuing medicine.

My question is, do you think this would be frowned upon by both nurses and medical admissions committees? I think that, even though they are separate pathways, certain noncognitive skills are somewhat transferrable--communicating effectively and emphatically, etc. When I did my own research, however, it seemed doable only if the nurse was practicing for several years.

What do you guys think?

Edit: I should note that in Canada, many medical schools don't have prerequisites. If I finished a four-year program, I'm technically eligible to apply to 9/13 medical schools in Canada. It's more the stigma against nursing students consciously thinking about medical school that I'm worried about. If I have to go back and do prereqs, I'm game.

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You need to decide what is the best decision for YOU. I actually think your plan sounds great. If medicine doesnt work out for you, then you can always fall back to nursing. Go for it!