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I'm meeting with the former director of my 1st choice program. What should I ask?


On Friday I have the opportunity to sit down for coffee with the former director of SFSU's nursing program--my first choice. Although she is no longer the director, she is still a member of the teaching faculty. What would you ask, given this opportunity? I have some questions in mind regarding how to best position myself to get into the school (it's fairly competitive), but I want to hear from current students and graduates who have a different perspective from myself.

About me, if it's relevant: I'm currently getting my prereqs out of the way at community college and plan to get my BSN from a California State University (ideally SF State). I'm set to start volunteering at a skilled nursing facility this summer, and I have also enrolled in a CNA training program and will be certified by August. I will hopefully transfer in Fall 2014.