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I'm an LPN from MN and wondering about CEU's

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I was wondering how any of you have gotten, are getting or plan to get your CEU's that are "approved"?

I see that there are a few online things that offer some free courses. I only need to get 12 hours which isn't bad at all. However the MN board website states

"It is your responsibility to determine whether the course meets the criteria established by the Board"

Honestly, I deem a contact hour worthy if it gives me a contact hour lol So it's kind of weird and I feel like they should actually provide things that are approved and or not approved, cut and dry, that's just me. Basically I don't want to waste my time if it's not going to be valid.

But anyways, how do you all who have to search and find your own CEU's do it and get your contact hours?

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My BON lists approved providers or approved accreditors for CEUs. As long as the CEUs I'm completing are either specifically approved providers or approved through the accrediting agencies (other state BONs, AACN, etc.), I'm good. There are some CEU offerings out there that are, in my opinion and apparently some BONs' opinions, not worthy of being counted. I would say that if a provider is accredited by AACN, a specialty organization, or any state BON, it should be fine (although I do not live in MN or have any familiarity with anyone who has been told their CEUs did not count).

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