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hey everybody. ive recently been interested in becoming a nurse. im a 24 year old male and ill possibly be employed by a major hospital within the next few weeks just as a enviromental services aide. i was thinking of possibly after a while at that position that i could be transferred to some kind of nursing field. i dont know much about nursing but it sounds like something i could be successful at. i know that i would have to go to school but ive heard that if i sign some kind of contract i can have the hospital pay for my school and have job training at the same time. i would like to know the general steps to becoming a registered nurse. i have no idea what to expect. i apologize for my ignorance. someone please help. thank u


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well, i can't tell you exactly what to expect because everywhere is different. I know some hospitals do offer contracts and financial assistance, but that is something you have to check into with that particular hospital. General steps to be a nurse, are first that you have to go to school. In most cases LPN ( license practical nurse ) goes for 18 months, Associate degree Nurse for 2 years and Bachelors for 4 years, it goes on but that is something you can check into with whatever school you choose. And of course there are pre requisits depending on how long you've been out of high school.

Also I would suggest maybe working as a certified nurse aide for a while to get a feel for what its like. Nursing is something you have to want and be determined to do. It is both frustrating and rewarding, sometimes more frustrating. Hope I helped at least a little, and good luck. Anyone else, help me out here!!!!


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well obviously a bachelors degree is better than u 2 year and i know it varies all over the country but wut are the usual salaries for a registered nurse?


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This website has a wonderful search field that will answer all of your questions. Just do a search using key words for RN Salary, ADN vs BSN, etc. Do a little research before you say that the bachelors is better than the associates. That may be the case if you are continuing your education to a advanced practice position, but there is nothing wrong with starting off as a LPN or RN ADN, as there are many bridge programs that you can do later on to get the BSN. It depends on your own personal situation as to what is best for you.

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