im hating nursing rn

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All I want is to be working in med surge area where I can grow yet after 50+ apps I've had one interview. Ive been stuck in a nursing home the past 2 years which isnt bad but I feel like im losing out on soooo many skills. So I am going to send some more apps out however if I dont end up where I want to be soon im going to pick another career. Anyone know good careers that I can use most of my nursing credits for. Ughh why did they say nurses are in high demand :(


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I am sad that you feel "stuck". Please pick another career soon, because if I were in long term care and you were taking care of me under your own duress, I would not be happy.

sorry to hear your frustration. i know a lot of new grads are going to be facing the same struggles.

the deal with the "nurses are in high demand" is misrepresented by colleges trying to recruit for their programs, especially private colleges because lets face it, what in our society isn't all about $$$ these days right ?

To further expand on this point, the "demand" for nurses isn't exactly high. The problem with with the nursing "shortage" isn't that there aren't enough nurses--schools are churning out several hundred students semester after semester. The problem is that theres a high turnover/burnout rate among nurses, and hospitals are really not willing to hire because it costs more money to train a new grade that would *hopefully* stick around vs having our vet that knows the system work some overtime, take a heavier caseload and the like. Its not uncommon to see hospitals with many nursing positions open, its also not uncommon to take a closer look and see that the opening had been posted months ago.

Whats your level of schooling ? If at all possible i would suggest getting your bsn if you haven't already, or grabbing a couple extra certs (PALS ACLS etc) to make your resume stand out because in a field like this, its really hard to be unique. So every little bit helps. Good luck and just keep trying


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My hospital is always looking for people to work nights, and I think most hospitals are the same. Maybe you should apply and underline "Willing to work nights!"


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What about LTAC hospitals? It's still LTC, but more acute treatments/illnesses. I've read several articles on AN discussing how more and more patients are being transferred to LTACs because it's less expensive than traditional hospitals, yet the staff is still expected to treat acute patients. I don't have 1st hand experience so I'm simply passing on what I've read about.

Best of luck to you. We should all be so fortunate to have a career we love.

~ Karen ~

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