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I'm getting really irritated


I passed my state exam on 1/20, and I still am not licensed. My state rejected my first fingerprint card, saying that they were not clear enough (even though they were digital). So I turned in a replacement card almost a month ago, and still no word. I called the state board, and they said that the state police still has them. This is very frustrating. Luckily I work at my clinical site so it isn't preventing me from getting a job, but it is preventing me from getting the wage I would get if I was certified. :banghead:

KimberlyRN89, BSN, RN

Specializes in Med-Surg/urology.

Aww sorry to hear about that :( I'm going to my state board (md) on Friday & I'm a little worried b/c their website says they are experiencing delays with the background check & fingerprints . So I'm wondering if that's going to prevent me from being issued my temp. license :angryfire

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