I'm so dissapointed in myself; not doing great in Chemistry

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I am mad, angry, and very depressed right now. My grades in Chemistry are not that great.

What makes it even worse is that I get answers marked wrong for the decimal being in the wrong place or I didn't round to the right number.

Also, I feel that my teacher has been marking my answers wrong when they are right. I remember solving a chem problem and it was totaled to 5.74, and he marked it wrong when it should have been 5.73, when that is the answer my calculator gave me several times. He had did the problem wrong himself

Another thing I noticed is that I look at other students papers, the ones who may be a bit better at Chem than others he tends to be more lax on them. He still gives them the credit even though the decimal is in the wrong place, but if I do it it's flat out wrong

I recently didn't do well on today's test and I just walked out of class in mid lecture. I cannot concentrate in a class where I know I am not doing that well and even if I did ace the next few tests I'll still wind up with a C. I HOPE i get a C. And that is not even good enough because the nursing program I want to get into says that you need a B in chem or higher. I am in my mid 20s and do not have time to be retaking classes over again, I want to move on with my life and get my career started by entering nursing school. I felt like crying as I left the class. I just do not feel motivated to do any better anymore. I am sitting next to someone who is doign well, and it really hurts me to hear them say "this class is so easy" when tehy can tell I am not doing as well

I only had to take intro to Chem . While I was in that class a friend of mine who worked in the hospital with nurses everyday said that when she went to work , she would ask them to help her with homework. None of the nurses knew how to do any of the chemistry.

Does anyone know how relevant this is supposed to be on the job? My guess is we only have to know this until nursing school is over.

While I know it doesn't feel like it now, chemistry can really help you to understand physiology and pathophysiology. We, as human beings, are really just a big sack of chemical reactions :D

So, your chem will help you out when you start looking at acid/base imbalances, fluid & electrolyte imbalances, cellular respiration, etc.

The nurses might not have been able to help with your homework, but they do use chemistry every time they look at electrolyte lab values, or treat a diabetic patient in diabetic ketoacidosis. They just don't think of it that way.

Hang in there!

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