your view on this...pls...

  1. hi, im new here..and happy to come across this site..
    may i ask if anyone's working in St. Elizabeth's hospital here? im an out of state nurse with a yr of experience. i signed a 3 yrs. contract with this hospital offering 23/hr. Is the salary fair? and hows the working environment and work load?

    thanks in advance!!!
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  3. by   Jolie
    Where is St. Elizabeth Hospital located?

    If it is in the city of Chicago, that salary would seem a little on the low side, especially in view of a 3-year commitment. Why was a contract required?
  4. by   sunward,RN
    Hi Jolie, thanks for the reply...
    St. Elizabeth's is in west division street in Chicago,Illinois.
    Its a recruitment contract of 3yrs., and they will be the one to sponsor me.
    Im in the Phils. preparing to take my NCLEX.