Which Hospitals are the best to work at?

  1. i have relocated back to illinois after living in minnesota for ten years. i have been a nurse since august 2003. my first job was in minnesota and it was new grads dream job. everyone was very nice and helpful and i learned alot. it was a med/surg/oncology unit. i have been back since january 2005. i first worked homecare with ingalls for 6 months but wanted to go back to acute care because the homecare job was never ending and i was at home charting on my patients for at least 3 hours of my night, i have two samll boys 10 and 5 years both with adhd, and the work load was coming home and unfair to my kids. i am now working at a community hospital, ( i don't wish to share the name because i am not real happy there). any way i am having a hard time finding a hospital that i feel comfortable at and any suggestions would be appreciated. my aunt said she thinks i would be happy at northwestern hospital.

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  3. by   Kwality
    Hii! I'm a nurse hopeful but I will give a couple of names:
    Rush University
    Uniniversity of Chicago Hospital
    Stroger Hospital (Cook County)
    Christ Hospital

    I just came off the top of my head with these, I hope they help. There are plenty to choose from.
  4. by   suebird3
    Are you close to the City of Chicago, or in the Suburbs? Had you considered working at Ingals HOSPITAL, instead of the Home Care division?

    Just wondering....