Waubonsee Coomunity College

  1. Hi, everyone!
    I'm moving to the Aurora area in December and am planning to transfer my credits to waubonsee, i still have to do Bio a&p I and II, can anyone give me suggestions on when i should apply to the nursing program? once i finish with both pre-reqs or once i finish with A&P I? I'm thinking about applying to both just in case. How is the program out there? I'm actually really looking forward to this!
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  3. by   melc0305
    Hi and welcome to the area! I am currently taking my pre-reqs at Waubonsee although I will be attending nursing school elsewhere. Waubonsee has a lot of good information on their nursing program on their website. I believe (but please double check!) that you have to be in your last semester of pre-reqs before you can apply to the nursing program there.

    Also you are probably aware, Waubonsee offers an ADN program (as opposed to BSN). Currently they are not accredited by the NLNAC.
  4. by   dcw132003
    I've been hearing that. I was thinking about transferring to Aurora University once i complete my pre-reqs. i think its smarter for me to just get my BSN now.