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  1. Hello everyone! I am currently taking my prerequisite courses at Waubonsee, and I intend to apply for the nursing program when I am ready. Questions is this...How hard is it to get in? Aside from grades, testing, etc, as long as these are all acceptable, is the program difficult to get in to because of the number of students applying?


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  3. by   Mom2kids
    Hi Tina -

    Also taking my pre reqs at Waubonsee....when I spoke to the nursing program administrator (back in April) at WCC, she told me that there was no wait list at the time...as long as you pass the Nelson-Deny test (usually this test is taken around the beginning A&P II) and pass all your pre reqs with a 'C' or better, there should be no problem. She did say they really don't pay much attention to your pre-req grades (like A vs. B or B vs. C) - as long as you pass.

    I am taking Life Span Psych and Eng 102 this fall semester. Then in January, I'll be taking Mirco and possibly A&P I. I'm hoping for a Fall 2005 entrance into the program.

    What classes are you taking right now and when you planning on entering the program? Feel free to PM me if you want.

    Best of luck to you!
  4. by   nurz2bee
    Hello Tina, I finished my pre requisite last summer. I failed the NEt/Nelson Denny reading comprehension the first time. I was unprepared of the time given even at the assessment center. I'm still hoping and pursuing for back up course. I am taking 2 humanities this semester and planning for 2 higher maths by Fall and I'll obtain my associate degree in science.