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  1. Hello! I am currently living in Oklahoma but plan on moving to the Chicago suburbs in a year or two. I'm considering applying to USF for the traditional program. I had a few questions. When calculating your GPA, do they consider everything you have ever taken, or just the classes needed? Would you say it was a fairly decent program? In OKlahoma, I have been having a hard time getting into a program. I know USF is pretty pricey, but I am open to using student loans to help me pay for it.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Eric Wignall
    I'm biased, but St. Francis is a nationally ranked university and the Nursing programs have been named as Best Values, Best in Illinois, and top ten in the Midwest. The MSN programs for FNP and Psych Nursing are leaders while the BSN completion and DNP are high quality programs that reach across the country. Leach College of Nursing
  4. by   kkb91
    Is it pretty competitive to get in to the program? I've applied and been accepted to the school. I still have classes I need that aren't through St. Francis. In my area, I'm having a hard time being accepted because of grades. It's highly competitive because of the location and the amount of programs.
  5. by   Eric Wignall
    The BSN is very competitive but not unattainable. We've done a fair job of opening the doors for traditional students, transfer students, and RN-to-BSN students by staggering the enrollment over the year.
  6. by   kkb91
    Would you suggest someone in my case, with a 2.9 GPA, go for my LPN first before transferring?

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