UIC's GEP Fall 2014

  1. Just looking to see if anyone else out there has applied to UIC's GEP for Fall 2014. I just finished my application.

    I have an undergraduate degree (1994) from Iowa State in Art & Design and a Master's degree (1996) from UIC in Art Therapy. Hopefully my alumni status will increase my chances.

    I live in the western suburbs of Chicago and, if accepted, will commute.

    How about you?

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  3. by   emmud
    Hi Sara, I also have applied to the GEP program for fall 2014. I have my BS in psychology and human relations from the University of Iowa. Right now I am wondering if they new curriculum was approved for the fall 2014 from the previous one. I am also unsure if only receiving the MS degree, instead of a MSN like other schools, will make us ineligible to apply/work in magnet-approved hospitals...in which case it would be almost impossible to find a job since almost all hospitals are becoming magnet approved. Any knowledge on this would be highly appreciated!
  4. by   emmud
    Good news is that I called them and talked to a couple people and the curriculum is changed and will be okay with magnet approved hospitals. Such a relief
  5. by   DandySandy
    I have applied too! I am a Human Development major from the University of California, San Diego. I have a CNA license but only volunteer work as far as experience in the health field goes. I really want to go here! Best of luck to everyone

    - Sandra
  6. by   lucycw
    Hi Everyone--

    I just applied too! I went to the information session, but it was unclear as to whether or not they'll be having interviews. What did you all hear?
  7. by   sarsot
    I have heard that they invite about 150 applicants for interviews. Those invitations go out mid-March, but now with the extended deadline I'm not sure what's going to happen with the interviews.
  8. by   phoenoryker
    Perhaps I am biased because I was recently admitted into the fall 2014 Elmhurst NME program, but Rush and Elmhurst seem to be two of the only schools in Illinois offering a master's entry program with a MSN upon completion. Both Depaul and UIC do not.
  9. by   HR1989
    Just got my acceptance into depaul's master in nursing program and I'm just now waiting to hear from UIC

    I'm concerned that these two schools don't offer an MSN degree (just MS).

    Anyone know how much tuition is at uic?
  10. by   sarsot
    UIC's estimated tuition is $70,215 for the full program.
  11. by   HR1989
    Quote from sarsot
    UIC's estimated tuition is $70,215 for the full program.
    I always thought state schools (like uic) were cheaper than private schools!
  12. by   phoenoryker
    Milikin also awards a MSN upon completion of the Master's entry and they have a DNP program as well
  13. by   lucycw
    Has anyone heard any news yet? I think I might just be a little antsy
  14. by   sarsot
    I haven't heard anything!