UIC transferred Nursing students Please help!!

  1. Hello, I'm currently taking Oakton community college classes to transfer to UIC. I'm planning to apply for the 2011 fall program and I'm really confused about the application process.

    Because I heard that to apply to the UIC nursing school, u have to be admitted to UIC first right?

    So do I have to apply to UIC as liberal arts and get admitted and then apply to nursing school???

    I'm gonna finish all my pre-reqs next spring at oakton and planning to take one summer class in UIC to finish 57 credit requirement.

    I'm really confused about the process. Please help if you have transferred to UIC nursing school. Thanks a million!!!
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  3. by   StyleNurse, BSN, RN

    I am not in the program but I will be appyling in the fall for the 2011 class. I am currently a student at a city college so I will be transferring as well. Here are some stats for you that I received from going to the UIC CON info session:

    80 people are admitted to Chicago campus
    64 admitted to Urbana
    up to 40 students are accepted during early admissions
    35% of the class is from UIC
    65% from other colleges

    The main things they are looking for:

    writing ability/essays
    letters of recommendation
    experiences (volunteering/working in a hospital)

    You can apply into the nursing program. You don't need to be a UIC student.

    Hope this helps
  4. by   anna_banana
    I was just accepted into the BSN program off the waitlist, and I took all of my prereqs through the city college system (Truman and Wright). In order to apply by the January deadline, you need 3 of the five science courses done before then, which means that you need to take them this fall if you haven't already. You don't need to be admitted to UIC first, you apply to UIC as a nursing (or maybe prenursing -- can't remember) major. About ten days after you do that, you'll be emailed the College of Nursing supplemental application - which is all your essays.

    If you can help it, I wouldn't recommend planning on taking a summer course at UIC for a few reasons:
    1. In order to do that you'd need to apply for the summer semester as a non nursing major, since the nursing major is only available in the fall semesters. So that would mean switching your major...seems complicated.
    2. UIC is way more expensive than a cc, and with the number of small colleges around Chicago you shouldn't have a problem finding the courses you need.
    3. If you do apply and register for a summer UIC course, what happens if you find out in April that you didn't get accepted to nursing? You might have a hard time finding the course you need for another nursing program somewhere else.

    Hope this helps, I know it can be really confusing!
  5. by   StyleNurse, BSN, RN
    hi, i currently attend wright and i am applying for early admissions to UIC. if you don't mind me asking, what was ur GPA? did u have volunteer experience? if so how much? and did u use 2 academic recommendations? i am really stressing about gettin into this program ....

  6. by   anna_banana
    I know, I was soooo stressed when I was applying. And since I didn't immediately get accepted I was even more stressed out. I think that most people accepted the first time around had GPAs upwards of 3.5. Mine was a bit lower (3.3 ish) because of a previous degree, but in the year and a half that I spent working on nursing prereqs I got straight A grades, and I think that meant something to the admission committee. I also spent a year volunteering at a hospital. They don't want 2 academic references, just one academic and one other. I used a science professor and my boss at the time (from a non-healthcare related retail job).

    Just relax, I wish I had. Do your best on the essays, get good references, ace your classes. There's not much else you can do after that. And definitely apply to more than one program. You don't want to be left with no plan B...

    Good Luck!!!
  7. by   StyleNurse, BSN, RN
    thanks! you gave me some hope =) what do you think about applying with only two months of experience volunteering at a hospital?
  8. by   Alique07
    i was just wondering when you got your acceptance letter. I didn't apply for early, just the general admission, and i'm still waiting! i thought they said by the end of march applicants would be notified, but i still haven't heard anything! my status has been "pending" for like 2 months! i'm freaking out!
  9. by   anna_banana
    Well I didn't find out until like June because I was on the waitlist, but I think they said April for general admission. I do remember it taking a few weeks longer than they said it would for emails to go out though...if you don't hear anything in another week or so you could give them a call, but they'll probably tell you just to watch your email! Come to think of it I think there was a problem last year with some people not getting acceptance letters for a few days...some email glitch or something?

    Good luck everybody, I hope to see you in the fall!
  10. by   me-ah
    Alique, you should check your email. I found out that I was put on the waiting list yesterday. :/
    I hope I find out if I'm admitted or not soon. ..it's killing me.

    Does anyone know how many people are put on the waiting list? Or if you can find out your rank on the list?

  11. by   mmisayah
    After graduating from high school (Mirta Ramirez Computer Science Charter school) I went to UIC in the fall of 2009 to take classes. It was too expensive for me so I transferred to CCC (particularly at Wright and Daley colleges) to continue taking my pre reqs for the BSN program at UIC the following semester (spring 10'). After completing what was required to be able to apply, I applied and waited and waited and waited some more. Finally, I got an email about 2 weeks ago saying I was accepted into the program. Yay! Anyway, so I have 3 more classes to take this summer to complete the pre reqs (Organic Chem I, Anthropology for understanding world cultures, and an LAS elective).

    I have one question; I sent my transcripts from the community colleges but assumed that since I took classes at UIC in 09 that I did not have to send my UIC transcripts to UIC's College of Nursing, so does the College of Nursing have my UIC transcript already? Since the College is in the University?
  12. by   me-ah
    They sent me a conformation waiting list form today in the mail. It said that "At the end of each semester, you must send an official transcript directly to: UIC College of Nursing, Office of Academic programs, 845 South Damen Ave., Chicago 60612. (This is not necessary for students currently enrolled at UIC except for those attending another college concurrently.)" I'm guessing you don't have to since they most likely have your records on file. But I would still check with the school, just to make sure.

    Congrats! Did you apply for the early or general admission? How did you like UIC before transferring? It sucks being on the waiting list. I really hope I get in, I always wanted to go to UIC for nursing. The waiting is killing me. Hopefully we will see each other in the fall
  13. by   mmisayah
    Thank you, I applied for the general admission UIC was great, the only think I didn't like was the big 300 people lectures for a science class, that's one of the reasons why I transferred. I felt like I would learn more in a small classroom setting, and I did. I also transferred because of the cost. I saved a lot of money by doing that Where are you from?
  14. by   me-ah
    People on the waiting list was sent an email about the stats of the applicants: 600 applied, 160 accepted, 70 wait listed, which means 370 people got declined. I'm just really glad I didn't get denied though.

    I currently am going to College of Dupage in Glen Ellyn. CC isn't that bad, you do save a ton of money, but I feel like its so much more harder for transfers to get into the schools. Plus, I always wanted to have more of a "college experience". And living at home and going to a CC isn't too exciting for me. I live in the suburbs, but I think the city life would be perfect for me. I really hope I get in.

    Did you apply for financial aid or the nursing scholarship there? I applied but I haven't gotten any news back from them.