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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm starting my RN program at a local community college this fall. My plan is to get my BSN afterward through UIC's RN to BSN online program. Long term I'm hoping to become a FNP. I am getting a little ahead of myself since I am not even an RN yet but I'd like to have a clearer idea of my prospects.

    Does anybody know anything about the general consensus around UIC's RN to BSN program? It seems like the traditional program is rigorous and hard to get into but the RN-BSN program is easier to get into. I love the fact that it will be all online and at the end, UIC has a great reputation for nursing. If anybody knows anything specifically about the program please chime in.

    I recently talked to another university who did a transcript eval. I'm coming back to school and really messed up the first time around and it's coming back to haunt me. The school calculated my GPA as 2.7, but my science GPA at 4.0. I've hit the ground running since coming back and got all A's in my nursing prereqs that I've almost forgotten how bad my past was. After thinking that I actually have a chance at becoming an NP one day, my old grades are now making me doubt this. The only courses that will affect my grades are my RN school credits.

    Anybody in the same boat (doing better now but still struggling from an old GPA)? Anything you know about the GPA UIC's RN-BSN will take and how hard that program is?
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  3. by   CarlyK82
    I am actually on that track now. I graduated in May with my RN and I will be starting on the 22nd for the BSN online program. My future plans also entail becoming an NP. I am not sure if you have "attended" any of the online seminars that they have where they go over the program and then allow you to ask questions, but it is a great overview. I would strongly suggest that you do the free transcript eval, ask questions (it will either be Sean or Veronica), and see what you need to do grade-wise or other courses that you may need to take.

    Here is also a link to their RN-BSN program as well (if you havent checked it out already). Admission Requirements | RN to BSN Online Degree Completion Program

    I just finished up two classes that I needed to take to start on the 22nd. I strongly, strongly recommend getting them out of the way beforehand so you can enjoy your summer after you graduate from nursing school.
  4. by   bsnorbust
    Thank you so much for replying! I've actually signed up for a webinar so I'm waiting for the next one so I'm waiting to hear about the next one. Great tip! I did a transcript eval as well. Jasmine has been communicating with me. Basically I was told to aim for A's in my ADN program. It seems like as long as you meet the 2.75 cutoff and meet the requirements, you're in. Which is way less competitive than the UIC traditional route. I still have 1 chem, sociology and history to complete. I'm trying to do those while I'm in nursing school.

    What was your GPA is you don't mind me asking? Also looking for a manageable chemistry course. Any place you'd recommend?