UIC direct entry program-regional sites for clinicals

  1. Hi,
    I am applying to UIC's program for January 2006. I may have asked this quesiton somehow somewhere else but, want to try here.

    At our information session we were told there are almost 300 applicants for 40 openings and that the regional sites might increase our odds of acceptance since they maybe chosen for the clinical portion of the program.

    I decided to choose a regional site after asking my fiance if he would be willing to relocate come March 2007. He said yeah so I chose Rockford.

    Is there anyone else here trying to apply to UIC's next cohort? How is it going? I know our deadline is March 1st, I am sending my packet in next week. Does anyone know if there is going to be a timestamp? I hope not, my packet was ready but I am waiting for two more letters of recommendation to come in the mail.

    Good luck! Hope we all get accepted.
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  3. by   romie
    I too am applying for UIC GEP program. I was under the impression that the deadline was Mar 1st, but some people on the forum have suggested that you needed to get your app in earlier. I know that last year in June UIC was still accepting applications for some specialties, so I guess to answer your question, it depends on your specialty. It may be too late for Peds and Midwifery.
  4. by   romie
    I just recieved an invitation to interview for the 2007 entry into UIC GEP! The interview is next week! While I have'nt been accepted, just being invited for the interview is a complete rush! Wish me luck!
  5. by   java5599
    Good luck! Hopefully you got in
  6. by   Gennaver
    Quote from java5599
    Good luck! Hopefully you got in
    Hello Romie,

    Hiya, my post was from Feb 2005.

    Congrats to you. I was passed over by UIC, (thankfully for me though) and I heard through the grapevine that it was due to my mentioning and eventual interest in attaining a PhD.

    Things worked out so much more for the best for me and I hope they go great for you.

    p.s. edited to add: Good luck with the inteview, ours had about 30-40 people and we were interviewed in groups of 4, meanwhile I hope to graduate from DePaul's MENP program in June of 2007! yippie, its only a year away, already!