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Hello all, I applied to UIC for their BSN program for fall 2013. SUPER stressed about it. If anyone else has applied, you know they have very specific pre reqs, so if I don't get in here, I will... Read More

  1. by   jazajajo
    I was removed as well!! Congrats!
  2. by   Future-RN-
    Congrats! I knew we were in!
  3. by   ariba
    That's awesome guys!!! Congrats!!! Now does anyone know about everything we.have to do? there is so much stuff that is required like immunization, CPR class, drug tes,t background test... do you guys know where we take the CPR class??I'm so confused and frustrated
  4. by   TraumaRNHopeful
    Still on the list....but could they really not give me a number? If it isn't a lottery, then I have a rank. I find it kind of inconsiderate that they just let you sit and have no idea what is going on. I left my name on the list but am 99% cutting my losses. Will be going to either Ressurection or Chamberlain- depending on where I can finish faster. Congrats to those that don't have to agonize over this anymore...
  5. by   Currybread
    Ariba, I'm pretty frustrated about all the other requirements too. The CON website says they want all the documents by july 1, but then the website says that there will be more info about cpr classes at orientation? It's contradicting and confusing. I was expecting more info in the letters than just "more info will be provided in the summer.." Especially since they want all the paperwork so soon. I will call them when I have my questions organized. I am currently doing what I can and getting my immunizations processed. Taking the TB test next week...
  6. by   stewie``
    Congratulations to those who are in! To those who are still on the waitlist, do not give up hope. However, if you applied to other schools, accept them. It does sound frustrating that they do not give you a number on the waitlist but they look at the list up until the week before school starts. Some of my classmates were already registered in their second choice of nursing school and then withdrew even when it was like two weeks before that school's program started after receiving a call from UIC.
  7. by   Future-RN-
    Thanks, Stewie! Congratulations to you as well. I wanted to know if you were also offered the seminar courses prior to starting the program?

    Will anyone else attend? I've already reserved my spot.
  8. by   stewie``
    ^Thank you, Future-RN! Are you talking about the drug calculation/medical terminology seminar for this summer? If yes, I did go to the seminar. However, only a few of us went. It was just to brush up our math/conversion skills pretty much because you have to take a drug calculation test for clinicals. It's easy pea-sy!
  9. by   Future-RN-
    The classes that are being offered now are clinicals and pathophysiology seminars. I'm sure they can't hurt. Are they actually classes with tests?

    Also, is there anything you recommend I should do before the program starts?

  10. by   momo11
    Hey guys! Congrats on getting in! It always warms my heart to see how excited people are about nursing because it truly is an amazing and rewarding career. I'm from the UIC Urbana regional program so if any of you guys who was accepted to that campus have questions about the program and anything pertaining in that area there feel free to message me!
  11. by   stewie``
    @ Future-RN-
    If that's the case, then these may be new to the curriculum so I am not sure how these classes work but these sound very helpful! In my opinion, Pathophysiology I is one of the most challenging classes that you will encounter in the first year of nursing school. It's great to know that they now offer seminars for that class and also for clinicals. Let me know how it goes.
    Recommendation...enjoy your summer before all the craziness begins!
  12. by   stewie``
    Hi @Future-RN- Please post your messages here because I cannot respond yet since I am short of number of posts :/ But with regards to your question about books, don't get the lab book, dictionary, and planner (If this comes with the book package. Just buy your own). Also, I don't remember using the Patho and Pharm books as much because the notes and the lectures were sufficient. I just recorded the lectures and transcribe them after class. Hope this helps!
  13. by   bwcombo
    hey, i know this thread is really old but i wanted to know what you guys' science GPAs were like? did any of you have particularly low ones (even though they reached the minimum)