St Elizabeth's Belleville RN Residency Program 2015 (DEC/JAN '16)

  1. Hello! Well, October 30th was the last day to complete the application packet. Now is the waiting game. Good luck everyone and keep in touch!
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  3. by   fmf13
    Good luck to you too! What area did you apply to in the program? I had my first interview two weeks ago and haven't heard anything yet.
  4. by   AmazonFan
    Hi! I interviewed Nov. 4th and I have not heard a word yet either. I applied for the operating room or PACU (my two top choices). I would also consider PCU and Med/Surg. I really enjoyed the interview and the nurse managers I met that day.

    I still have to take my NCLEX this month, hopefully all goes well with that.

    What about you? What do you applied for? Lets keep in touch.
  5. by   fmf13
    I applied for OB and I have my second interview on Tuesday. Hope all goes well for both of us!
  6. by   AmazonFan
    Hello fmf13!

    Have you started? What should I expect during the second interview? Can't wait to hear!
  7. by   fmf13
    Quote from AmazonFan
    Hello fmf13!

    Have you started? What should I expect during the second interview? Can't wait to hear!
    I have not started. My interview process was different due to the Nurse manager not being able to stay for my initial interview. I had another interview with the Nurse manager of OB and then scheduled my 3rd interview with the CNO for Monday. I don't take NCLEX until January at the earliest due to graduating next week.
  8. by   AmazonFan
    Oh wow, I did not know there was a third interview... oh my. I will have my second interview with two managers tomorrow. Praying it all goes well.

    Congratulations on your coming graduation and good luck with your next interview! Sending positive vibes! Let me know how it goes.
  9. by   AmazonFan

    My second interview was re-scheduled, it will be tomorrow. Hope your interview went great!
  10. by   fmf13
    It did, I received a job offer for postpartum and accepted the position. My start date is February 22nd. Hope your interview goes well tomorrow!
  11. by   AmazonFan
    Congratulations!!!!! So you get the job offer during t he second or third interview?
    Im about to go there. Im really nervous.
  12. by   fmf13
    Thanks! I am pretty excited to be a part of a great facility. You normally get it after the 2nd interview. My interview process was different, because the OB charge nurse had a meeting during my initial interview.

    How did your interview go?
  13. by   AmazonFan
    Hi, thank you so much for answering. For some reason I was really nervous yesterday. I did so good on the first one, but I think I blew it on this one. I'm just praying the managers can see past my nerves. I know there are other hospitals in the area but this is where I want to be. I hope they call back. I will let you know either way.

    Just an FYI for the NCLEX...I did Kaplan, Uworld, and the Lacharity delegation book. Passed on my first try but honestly, I felt that Kaplan did not help me much.
  14. by   fmf13
    Thanks for letting me know! I am signed up for a Hurst review course, but thinking about buying a test bank and doing questions.

    I am sure you are fine. They are really great. I have read on here that people felt they blew the interview and still received a job offer.