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Hello! Well, October 30th was the last day to complete the application packet. Now is the waiting game. Good luck everyone and keep in touch!... Read More

  1. by   AmazonFan
    Thank you! They called for the third anf final interview!! What should I expect? Can you tell me a little about what to expect? I have no clue for this one.

    Uworld has an excellent question bank and they add and update daily. Last time they had around 1,700. So I imagine they surpassed that by now, and the price is really good.
  2. by   fmf13
    My interview was different, because the CNO had an emergency (I feel everything was crazy for me), but they will just ask a few questions to make sure you are a good fit. Don't sweat it. They obviously want you for the job. I literally interviewed for 5 min and asked for a tour. They offered me the job at the end, but they will call to make it official.
  3. by   AmazonFan
    Thank you so much!! That really eases my anxiety. Landing a spot will be a great way to end the year.
  4. by   AmazonFan
    Hi! Happy new year!

    I accepted the job offer! So excited!

    Have you heard from them after the phone call or signed anything? I know we have an occupational test to take and do their physical.
  5. by   fmf13
    So happy you received the job offer! Sorry I didn't reply, usually they email me and tell me that I had a new message. I bet you had this happen too, but I received all their emails this week with all the requirements. I scheduled my tests for February 8th, so excited!

    Question, do you know if we buy through their distributor or we buy whatever brand we want for uniforms in white scrub top and navy bottoms?
  6. by   AmazonFan
    Thank you!! Not a problem!

    How's your studying coming along?

    I have no idea about the uniforms because I have to use the one provided by the hospital. If I had to I would buy the ones from the distributor until knowing more about the manager and his/her policies.

    My appointment is for the 5th. I will go earlier that day to pick my schedule etc. I'm nervous and excited!! We will meet soon!
  7. by   fmf13
    Using Hurst and it has been going well. Didn't get my Ed-Nur until last week, so waiting for my ATT to schedule. Thanks for asking!

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