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Hi folks, I am looking for some info. As you can see i am from CA. My family and i are interested in moving to the Southern area of IL. I just passed the NCLEX and i am looking into hospitlas in the... Read More

  1. by   bradleyshanetaylor
    if you want to go way southern il, you can get your kentucky license and work at either lourdes or western babtist. they are great facilities. you can live in il and live in the country. im from vienna,il. its about a 25-30 minutes drive to both facilities. its also about that far to marion and around 35 minutes to get to carbondale hospital. you can also work in herrin wich is around a 30 minute drive. vienna has some very nice hunting and out door life. another facility is metropolis hospital and its about a 20 minute drive. veinna is in the middle of all these facilities with interstate access. you are able to travel around 2 hours and be in nashville,,mo...memphis,tn..or evansville,in. you caould also work at st.frances hospital or semo hospital in cape...its about a hour drive though, but their pay is awsome from what i have heard.
  2. by   Mirasol
    Okay it is time for an update. First I so appreciate all the post I have received. It has all been helpful.

    And now for the news- we are officially moving to Southern Illinois this summer. My husband was just offered a job near Benton. So now we just have to find a place to live! YIKES!! I was kind of hoping for a little more south, but this job was just too good to pass up. So Benton?? Any takers?? What are your thoughts on this town??

    I have to live no farther north than Benton, because I'm going to work at the Carbondale Hospital. More of a drive than I had hoped. We could also live in Carterville, which is still my first choice, but I am trying to be flexible. Any thoughts??

    Thanks again to all of you previous posters it was very helpful. Especially the tip on what hospitals to avoid, I heard the same sentiment when we visited. Here's to a fast move and looking for a buyer for my home!!