Refresher Course? HELP!

  1. I have been out of Nursing for over six years for various reasons. i am having a difficult time finding a Refresher Course.
    Can anyone advise me on where to look for one? I live in DuPage County.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Jolie
    Joliet Junior College offers one. Depending on where you are in DuPage County, that may not be too far.
  4. by   flytern
    Have you tried looking ad College of DuPage or Morraine Valley Community College? I know Morraine has had classes at night, took some in the late 90's.

  5. by   Buddysmom
    Not sure where you are located butr Waubonsee Community College has a great program. Classes are T & Th at night 2 full weeks of clinical at Mercy in Aurora or Delnor in Geneva. Teachers are practictioners so you get up to date information. The program at COD only takes 10 iin district students and is taught by 1 person. The community college in Des Plaines also has a program. Good Luck! Follow your dreams, it will all work out.
  6. by   Buddysmom
    OOPPS . The spring semester at Waubonsee begins Jan 20. Classes will be on Saturdays and Tuesday mornings. Clinicals will be at Rush Copley and Delnor. The fall semester is evenings.
  7. by   Diploma'82
    How about in the West Central area?