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  1. Hi, I am new to this board so this is my first post! I have a bachelor's degree in biology, and have some pre-req's completed. But my gpa and the grades from the pre-req's are way below a 3.0 and not very good. So I was planning on retaking the pre-req's that I have done, and complete the other pre-req's that I have never took before. When I talked to some accelerated BSN programs, they said unfortunately since my official undergrad GPA is way below a 3.0 even with pre-req's completed I wouldn't be able to apply. There are 2 programs that said if I raise my GPA by taking the pre-req's up to a 3.0 then I could possibly have a chance at admission. I also applied to some Associate programs, but got denied.
    So I am really interested and determined to get into the Accelerated BSN Program Chamberlain offers in Houston. I really don't want to do the three-year program they have. Even though I was told I probably wouldn't have to do a semester. I just want to get into a program, and finish as early as possible. I am currently trying to figure out how to do my pre-req's, so that is where my question is. I have called this location, and talked to an admissions advisor but they said that I would have to take all the classes, raise to a 3.0 and then apply, and then they would do an evaluation and see if the credits count or not. I really don't want to take my pre-req's and when it comes time for them to check my application it doesn't count. I have no one else to ask these questions to, so I was wondering could you guys please help me out?

    1.) I was planning on taking all my pre-reqs at a community college online through And through that program I would take my classes online and the grades would be on a transcript that will come from a 'home college' I pick, which will either be Lamar Community College or Morgan Community College. (I just randomly picked these schools, they are accredited through the HLC North Central Association) So when I send out my transcripts it would be from one of these schools. I was wondering even though on the transcript it wouldn't say 'online' would this be acceptable? Most importantly, will Chamberlain accept these credits? (A&P1, A&P2, Nutrition, Stats, Speech, etc.) Has anyone taken classes through this program and Chamberlain accepted these credits for the pre-req's? Can you tell me what classes you took?

    2.) I know one of the pre-req's for the Accelerated BSN program is 'Intro to General, Organic & Biological Chemistry w/lab.' I already took a General Chemistry 1 w/lab and received a 2.0. And I also took Organic Chemistry 1 w/lab. Would any of those two classes count for that pre-req of 'Intro to General, Organic & Biological Chemistry w/lab.' ?

    3.) Our school doesn't offer Anatomy & Physiology I w/lab, and Anatomy & Physiology II w/lab. Our school only offers Human Anatomy, and a separate lab course, and then Human Physiology and a separate lab course. I was wondering if I were to retake the Human Anatomy, and Human Physiology class would that count for credit for Anatomy & Physiology I w/lab, and Anatomy & Physiology II w/lab?
    Would you suggest that I rather take A&P I & II at a community college for it to count for credit for the Accelerated BSN Program?

    When I went to go check my local community colleges since registration already started, a lot of the classes were already filled. And online classes are much more convenient for me, so that is why I am considering taking these classes online. In the future I would maybe possibly consider going into Nurse Practitioner or CRNA. So don't want any problems when applying in future to those schools.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
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    In my experience, online classes tend to be harder than the regular class. Not saying it can't be done, but I found it was hard to concentrate on the class at home and most of the time I found myself procrastinating (like doing house chores). I do not reccomend taking any science/math classes online because (again from speaking from my experience) it was disastrous. A lot of the concepts I had to learn on my own and it was difficult contacting the instructor via email/phone. I did this with stats and eventually dropped it b/c I didn't want to get a C (thus wasting money & time). The next semester I retook the regular class and aced it. I guess it really depends on how dedicated you are when you study. Nutrition and perhaps speech is dooable online but if it's a science or math class please DO NOT TAKE IT ONLINE! If you can't get into your local community college, I would either wait for the next semester to take A&P or find another one that has openings. Actually, go to to do a bit of prof research.

    As for which classes Chamberlain will accept, I would check with them personally. I'm pretty sure they will accept the Anatomy and Physiology I and II you mentioned if they both had lab. Again check with them personally to be sure. Actually, I would check with other schools you are planning to apply to, as well.

    For GPA, retake any class (mostly in the sciences) that is a C or below to boost up your GPA to at least a 3.2 (especially since you are looking to get into an accelerated BSN program which can be very competitive).