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  1. I was wondering have anyone heard of the school ATS in chicago its down town and they have a lpn program. Whats the deal with them?
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  3. by   sgthanzo
    It looks like a "classroom extension" of the ATS Institute of Technology out of Cleveland, OH.

    Their program will begin its first class on Oct 24 (according to their website).
    Tuition is set at $20,352 (using their Net Price calculator).

    There's not much curriculum information on their website but I'm sure you can find out more if you give them a call.
    Here's a link to their website.



  4. by   FutureNeoNursing
    Hi goodgirl1, just like Hanzo said it's an expansion of the Ohio location. They decided to open up another location here in Chicago and the first class session was actually Oct 31st(That was my official start date). I applied, took the PSB test,Accuplacer test and got accepted as well. I decided to start in the January session, since they were a little unorganized, and wanted to see if I can get a part time gig on the weekends. The program is 12 months, but can be longer if you don't have pre reqs done or don't do so well on the Accuplacer. If you need any more info, feel free to pm me! The only reason I decided to go here is because it has no waiting list and I can straight into my RN program afterward.
  5. by   swilson80
    In response to FutureNeoNursing....I'm interested in starting the program at ATS in January as well, if it's possible can you email me more info...because they said I didn't need any pre-reqs and that the program was actually 11mos...but since you already accepted I would really appreciate you replying this all nurses or my email at bless, and much luck on ur Nursing endeavors...
  6. by   annegemini
    Hi, I would like information on ATS in Chicago as well. Any would be appreciated. I'm wondering if the have an LPN to RN bridge program, I've looked on their website and haven't found much information. There is no information on the history of the school either.
  7. by   annegemini
    Well I just visited the place, since I had some time before work. I just found out that August 27th is when they will be piloting their LPN-RN bridge program. I also found out the director is from John Hopkins University. What I could not get when I visited was a copy of their curriculum, or classes. But, they did let me see the current schedule of classes, so that I could get an idea of day and evening class times. I'm a little hesitant to apply, primarily because of the price but, at the same time nursing schools for the City Colleges of Chicago have some pre-reqs I haven't done and get many applications. Take into consideration I already have a BA, and after volunteering at a hospital I realized......I want to be a nurse. But, I want to get experience right away, so I figured I could start off as an LPN then get an RN, and maybe get a masters and become an NP. Again, school is new and the price is expensive. Even though I was told that they would be giving out a $5,000 semester this year because they are fairly new, making the total about $19,000 for 11 months.......I hope this information helps....I hope someone else has more information to give....