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  1. Im a frustrated pre-nursing student. I tried to get into the nursing program at JJC and it didnt work out. Now I am considering other schools such as Northern Illinois University, and St. Francis. I think I LIKE NIU better but would appreciate if anybody has any information as to admissions as a transfer student, I admit my gpa is not so hot (3.0) and I don't know if this is competitive enough to get into NIU. please if anyone knows what past transfers have as their gpa to get into the program at NIU i would apprecate the info. as well as anything else you have to say about NIU.... THANKS
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  3. by   capella44
    I also am interested in info on NIU's program. I am currently taking my prereqs at JJC and was planning on applying to the program there, but also would like to know about what other options are out there.
  4. by   KareBear0609
    I just applied there tonight I don't know much about it, but I know admission is based on 1) pre-req GPA, 2) overall GPA, 3) number of courses taken. Deadline is in February and it is $40 to apply. Their nursing program is five semesters. That's pretty much all I know ~ I really hope I get accepted!!!
  5. by   capella44
    Good luck KareBare!! Let us know if you get in!
  6. by   kdiaz02
    I applied as well and already got my acceptance to the general school and I am now hoping and praying that I get into the Nursing program. I am not sure if I should accept the acceptance(lol) into the university first so that they will consider me for the nursing or what should I do?....

    I also emailed them and found out that they admit about 160 people each year.
  7. by   KareBear0609
    Yes, you accept admission into the school first. I just found out I was accepted to the school today. The college will electronically send over your information in February to the school of nursing. Then they decide if they want to accept you into their program as well. Letters go out late March/early April. They have two start dates, August and January. 80 people per start date. You don't get to choose the start date, if you are accepted, you will be given your start date choosen by the school of nursing.

    Do you have any pre reqs left? What town are you from?
  8. by   jstasin34
    I just applied to NIU today. Hopefully it's not too late! What are your guys GPA? I asked my friend today (she goes to NIU) to ask her friend (that's in the nursing program) what her GPA was. Did you guys apply anywhere else?!
  9. by   KareBear0609
    It's not too late. The deadline was Feb 15. Now it is the dreaded wait. My overall GPA is somewhere around a 3.6 or 3.7. My nursing pre-req GPA is a little higher than that. I didn't apply anywhere else and am counting on my admission to NIU. I really won't know what else to do if I am not accepted. How about you?
  10. by   jstasin34
    I don't know how I just saw this. But my pre-req GPA is like a 3.96 and my overall GPA, I believe, is a 3.94. But I still have to take Microbiology and statistics, so that is my only worry. Does anyone know when we actually find out!? I'm SOOOO nervous.