New Grads LVN/LPN needs help in discovering the new career...

  1. Hi everybody. I am going to finish my LVN school in LA. I am going to move to Chicago suburb. Can somebody give me any information about salary level , job opportunities for LPN
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  3. by   my2bitz
    Hi there,

    Congrats!!!!! You can get $18/hr at most long term care facilities.However
    after a year of exp. you can work agency and get between $22-$28. For more info PM me.
  4. by   nurseinChicago

    I had a good experience with a recruiting firm called when I was looking for a job last year. The staff there was very nice to me and was able to get me the job I was looking for. I think their website is you should be able to get their phone number from there.

    Good luck with your search.

    Nurse in Chicago