New grad needs advise

  1. Hi all!! I'm a new grad and I feel like I've hit a wall with looking for a job... I've filled out countless on-line applications and like we all know, everyone wants experience. But how are you supposed to get a year experience if EVERYONE wants a year experience!!?? Anyway, I'm lost at this point with where to look, any advise on where I should be looking, who I should be calling, if I should go in to hospitals rather than apply on-line?? Any advise much appreciated Thanks!
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    looking for my first RN job; from US


  3. by   bumLVN
    Just hang in there and keep on filling up applications. For me...going to facilities and filling up their application has worked. It just took me about a few months till I got a job....don't will eventually find one. Good luck on your job's really tough these days but you will find one.
  4. by   may0517
    I feel the same way. I got licensed in February and I have been applying since January. All the hospitals I applied to require at least 2 years of experience. Good luck to all of us hunting for jobs.