1. Just took the NCLEX yesterday! Super nervous..did the PVT trick.. got the good popup!
    However, I went to school in Florida and all my classmates that took it were able to look at the Dept Of Health website for FL and see that they passed already without Pearson even posting it. Does Illinois have something similar? I keep checking CTS website but it doesn't give me the pass/fail yet.
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  3. by   PinkNBlue
    No, in Illinois you have to wait until the state mails you your letter, which then you send the bottom half of the letter and a $50 check back to the state. Then after about a week, your name will appear on the Illinois Dept of Financial and Professional Regulation website. A few days after that, you will receive your actual license in the mail. It's quite the process here. Each state is a little different.

    The only way I found out about passing NCLEX officially was to pay the $7.95 on the Pearson Vue website exactly 48 hours after my appt for the NCLEX. Good luck! The pop up sounds promising so I'm sure you passed

    *also, just a note... when you do sent the bottom half of the letter and the $50 check, send it back to the state Certified Mail. That way, in case the mail loses it, you have the receipt saying you sent it.
  4. by   joanie2341
    Also, send a money order with your application to the state. I've heard that speeds up the process too since they don't have to wait for a personal check to clear. Congrats!
  5. by   strawberryfields
    Thanks for the input girls I decided to do quick results and I passed!!!!

    As soon as I get my RN # I'm job hunting, hopefully it isn't too brutal out there!!
  6. by   strawberryfields
    How long did it take you to get the letter in the mail ?
  7. by   PinkNBlue
    It took about a week or so and then about another week until my name was on the BON website.
  8. by   strawberryfields
    Okay thank you also, on the cts website it says "incomplete for license" does it say that until you pay the $50 application or should I call cts?
  9. by   PinkNBlue
    What is CTS?
  10. by   strawberryfields
    Quote from PinkNBlue
    What is CTS?
    I don't know when you took the nclex in Illinois but now you have to send your application to CTS (continental test services) and wait for them to approve everything before you can make an appointment with Pearson vue. Anyway, I looked at my status today and it says exam: pass so they should be sending me my pass letter soon (cts sends them out)
  11. by   PinkNBlue
    Oh yes, I didn't ever hear it as CTS (just called it Continental) so it confused me There are so many steps it's ridiculous. Hoping you get your letter soon!
  12. by   strawberryfields
    Yeah I know :P It feels like it's taking forever, i just need to be patient. Do you work in Chicago as an RN?
  13. by   PinkNBlue
    Quote from strawberryfields
    Yeah I know :P It feels like it's taking forever, i just need to be patient. Do you work in Chicago as an RN?

    The suburbs. I just graduated in December. I start orientation this week!
  14. by   strawberryfields
    Congrats on your new job.. I graduated in December too !
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